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Ever since I was a little girl I have always had the tenacity to want to help others. I just knew this was my calling. I have seen a lot and have been through a lot myself so I can definitely relate to others.  I also have a Background in Psychology.  I want to give you hope and to help you find your way when you think there is no way.  I just love to be able to make a difference everyday. I am changing lives one step at a time.  And I work with all age groups.  So who is Purity Life and Love Life Coaching and what is it about?   Purity Life And Love Life Coaching is coaching made from pure love founded by me Elisa Fleming. The way I practice is not like anyone else. This is Straight forward coaching from the heart. It was founded to be able to help those in need, to be that support system, that back bone, My job is to help you to keep rising and to not fall.  My job is to get you the life you always wanted, and all you need is a little guidance to get there and you will get there.  When we meet it will be as if we have known each other for a long time.  You will feel very comfortable and safe.  I am your safe haven.  This is also a non judgmental environment so you will not have to worry about being judged at all no matter what the situation.  And it is also very confidential  so your secret is safe with me.  I truly do care for my clients.  You are treated with the up most respect and most of all love. You will feel like family instead of just a client.   There is no problem to big or to little for me to handle so no worries there at all.  I am here for you,  all you have to do is call me today !  If you want to live the Purity Way.


Professionalism and Experience

As a professionally trained and experienced transformational life coach, and public speaker I am located in the NYC area I do in person , over the phone and video chat sessions as well to for your convenience.  I have had the ability to interact with people from all age groups from children ,teens and adults. I am also a vendor for NYC public schools where I visit schools to speak to kids about ,Bullying, Gangs and why Education is so important. So if you want me to come to a school near you please call me today !  My services that I offer are :      Group Coaching, ,Marriage / Relationship Coaching, Grief Coaching, Trauma Coaching , Self- Esteem Coaching, Time Management Coaching, Stress Management Coaching, Anger management Coaching. Domestic Violence Coaching, Women Support Group Coaching, Child / Teen Coaching (boys, and girls.) Parenting Coaching, Job/ Career Coaching , Motivational Coaching, Meditation , Family Issues Coaching, Group and One On One Coaching, Public Motivational Speaker, Health And Wellness / Weight loss coaching, I also host workshops as well such as Women Empowerment Workshops, Domestic Violence Workshops for Men and Women, Parenting Skills Workshops, Child and Teen workshops/Intervention, Bullying and gang prevention Workshops,  Meditation Exercises/ Stress Management, Job/Career/Resume and interview preparation. I have worked with people from all walks of life I am compassionate ,caring , understanding and most of all very patient. In your time of need I put my client first, I truly do care about the well being of my clients, when I work with you I get straight to the core of the problem and I make sure that when you leave to go home you will feel a difference every time you come. You will be happy you came. I am very different from other coaches I really take the time to hear you out and fix the problem. But you have to come in my office to find out.


Supportive Journey

Committing to a healthier lifestyle is just the beginning, you will have my support every step of the way.  I also love to show my appreciation for my clients so I will host an appreciation party around holidays, give gifts for birthdays and mothers day appreciation specials to the mothers !  and surprise trips too and many many more.   you will not find this offer anywhere else.  I don't sell dreams, and I keep it real with you at all times, I show real results, you build self awareness when your making a mistake, I help you to transform your life, get rid of the negative and show you the positive that you need in your life, if I feel its no good for you I will kindly tell you to leave it alone, (person ,place or thing) you need that support to feel your not alone and I can give you that but we need to crawl before we are able to walk.  And that's when you will find your true potential, you had it all along but I need to help you get there to show it to you. so you have my support you just need to contact me  don't procrastinate any longer, if you want  real results , and real support from someone who genuinely cares than contact me today you can email me or call me, and you can fill out the form below as well.

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Welcome,   there is a lot that I offer here so take your time and observe my services and read about me. get to know who I am and what I am about I look forward to hearing from you and making a difference in your life today !